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How to work with Unassigned Orders
How to work with Unassigned Orders

When an order is created outside of the Experiences app for some reason, inventory accuracy depends on you assigning that order. Here's how.

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Sometimes a sale will be created outside of the Experiences app ecosystem. Reasons for this might be:

  • You or one of your employees made a sale on the Shopify POS but didn't use the Experiences POS app.

  • You or one of your employees created an order on the Shopify Orders page outside of the Experiences booking experience.

  • There was a glitch in the Matrix and some bit of critical information didn't get passed between our system and Shopify's. (Uncommon)

The result of this is missing day/time information and information such as the name or contact information of the people(s) attending. The Experiences app needs this information to accurately adjust the time-based inventory we manage and ensure that you know who's going to be showing up.

Use the Unassigned Orders feature to connect sales to the proper experience for the right day and time

When you see the Unassigned Orders banner at the top of the Experiences dashboard, here are the steps you can take.

Step 1: Review the unassigned orders and decide whether to assign or discard them

You can either assign them or discard them. You may be fine discarding them if you don't care about Experiences inventory accuracy or reporting. However, if you do this, please note that you run the risk of overselling your experiences as Shopify does not keep track of the time-based inventory - we do.

Step 2: Assign your orders

In most cases, you're going to want to assign the order. To do this simply click on the "Resolve" button on the banner and follow the prompts.

  • You can assign all the "line items" to the same or different experiences if you'd like. Most of the time, the order is for the same experience but that's not always the case.

  • Hit "Save" at the top of the page once you've assigned everything.

That's it, you're done! 

Your customer will receive an Order Updated email from our app telling the customer of their booking information. (We don't send out an Order Confirmation email)

Note that you can transfer those same assignments to another day/time within the same experience you assigned them if you got it wrong. 

Bonus: Group order trick

Let's say you want to give special pricing to a group of people and you're willing to process the order for them. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Create an order in your store's Shopify Orders page for the Experiences connected product you want to sell.

  2. Apply any discounts or considerations you'd like and take payment. (If you're getting paid outside of the Shopify credit card processing flow, you can just mark it as paid)

  3. When that order is created, it will notify the Experiences app that there's an order for the Experiences connected Shopify product and create the Unassigned Order feature.

  4. Go the experiences dashboard and assign the orders using the Unassigned Orders feature. (Please note it takes about 5-10 minutes for that to show up after making an order)

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