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Using HTML in your descriptions
Using HTML in your descriptions

You can add rich text and images to your Experiences listings

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Although we don't current have a WYSIWYG editor in our admin (something we'll be adding in the future), you can still use HTML in the text box and it will render nicely for your customers. You can even embed images or videos hosted elsewhere.
Here's how you do it...

Use the Shopify HTML editor (easiest)

When you create a new Experience in our app, we automatically create a corresponding Shopify Product equivalent. For instance, if you create a new experience in the Experiences app called "Cooking with Sue", you'll see that we automatically created a Shopify Product of the same name.

A quick shortcut to getting nicely styled HTML, is to use the WYSIWYG editor in the Shopify Product views vs doing HTML in code in our editor. This works because we sync certain elements, including the product description, between our version of the experience and Shopify's Product version. 

Please note that the Experiences app always handles inventory count. You cannot set inventory quantities in the Shopify Product equivalent.
Hand roll your own HTML using an external editor

If you know your HTML by heart you don't need to do this, but most people benefit from using some sort of HTML editor. Here's an easy one to use »

Simply type or paste the text you want to use into the screen on the left and you'll see the HTML rendered on the right. Use the WYSIWYG tool bar in the left screen to get the look you want and then copy the HTML and paste it into the Experiences text box.

For example, I added some header elements, text formatting, a link, and an *image in the WYSIWYG editor on the left.

*In order to use images, you'll need to host them somewhere and then insert them via a copied URL. The easiest way to do that is to use Shopify's built-in image hosting via their file storage. (Settings > Files) 

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