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If you'd like Experiences data to show up elsewhere, here are the metafields we add

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If you want to weave Experiences-generated data into other parts of your Shopify communications and experiences, here are the metafields we add that are available on the liquid product object:


You can also access these metafields by clicking into the[Your-Store-Name-Here]/settings/custom_data/product/metafields?tab=metafields when logged into your store.

Here's a brief tutorial on how to utilize these metafields in various aspects of Shopify:

In Shopify Themes

To display a metafield in a Shopify theme, you can use Liquid code. For example, to display the "description" metafield:

{{ product.metafields.experiences.description }}

In Communications

For automated emails or SMS, you can integrate metafields using Shopify's API. Here's a basic JSON payload for an email template that includes the "hostDescription" metafield:

"hostDescription": "{{ product.metafields.experiences.hostDescription }}"

Elsewhere (Apps, Custom Solutions)

You can access metafields via Shopify's GraphQL or REST API. For example, to fetch the "location" using GraphQL:

product(id: "product_id") {
metafield(namespace: "experiences", key: "location") {


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