All merchants can customize the look and content for the emails Experiences sends. This customization is possible at both the global Experiences app level and individual experience level. You can also choose to disable any one of the emails so your customers will not receive those notifications.

We send out the following emails automatically:

Order Confirmation
Sent automatically to the customer after they place their order. View a summary of your online store’s performance.

Order Updated

Sent when a booking is restocked, transferred, or refunded.

Order Cancelled
Sent automatically to the customer if their order is canceled.

Sent to the customer a day before their Experience time.

The global Experience shop email settings are found by clicking the Settings "Gear" icon. Event email settings are found at Notifications on the create/edit event form.

Global Email Settings

If you edit these templates, it will change the emails for all your experiences unless you have made custom changes to a particular experience's email template

Individual Email Settings

If you edit these templates, it will change the emails for just that experience. If you then make changes to the global template, it will not override any custom HTML to a particular experience's email template.

You can also choose to disable any one of the emails so your customers will not receive those notifications.

What can you customize about these emails?

The great news is that you can customize everything about the look and feel of an email using the WYSIWYG editor. It's entirely possible to export custom code from your email service provider (ESP) like Klaviyo or MailChimp to Experiences as a baseline and to continue customizing from there as well. Note: You will need to retain the Experiences default code that is in the template.

Here is some information about our templating engine that you can use »

Each email is supplied with a Subject and Body to update. The Subject cannot take HTML, but the Body is fair game for any customization you can dream of that respects standard email formatting best practices.

Global Experiences app notifications versus individual Experience notifications, what should you know?

We provide customizable email notifications at the global Experiences app and individual experience levels. This means that you can have different email styles and content for each of your experiences, and have a shop default for when you haven't customized a particular experience's email. For example, you may want to customize your "Intro to Surfing 101" order confirmation email at the individual experience level but not change the other three notifications at the experience level. In this case, you may decide to first customize (or leave default) all your email notifications at a global app level and just customize the order confirmation email in the Experiences app so it will override the global setting.

Here's how it works:

  1. Every Experiences app install comes with four basic email templates.

    1. Order Confirmed

    2. Order Updated

    3. Order Cancelled

    4. Order Reminder

  2. On the shop level, you can update each or all of them and the next time you create an event the emails created for that event will match the new shop emails.

  3. On the event, you can further customize the emails to suit your needs.

  4. If you decide to reset an event-level email to the default, it will reset to your current shop email template.

  5. To reset to "factory default", you must reset the shop email template to the default. This change will cascade through all events using that shop-level email.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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