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Gather additional information on your experience bookings
Gather additional information on your experience bookings

How to use the "additional information" forms on your experiences to capture customer information.

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On the order and attendee level, you can gather customer information that adds value to the transaction, provides clarity for staff, and creates an overall better experience.

On each experience, you can display a form to your customers that collect information for the order, or for each attendee. These forms have fields that can be optional or required as you need them.

Collection additional information per order

The order details version of the form is displayed once no matter how many attendees might be on the order. Many of our customers use this form to gather additional details about the party such as seating preference, known allergies, and more.

Collection additional information per attendee in an order

The attendee details form is displayed for each attendee added to an experience. It automatically collects First Name, Last Name, and Email fields then is followed by the custom field(s) you create. At this point, you must create one additional field for the form to work correctly.

Field types you can use

We have four field types: Text, Email, Phone, and Select.

  1. Text is the legacy field type for simple string inputs. You can type whatever you want in these fields to complete them.

  2. Email checks for a valid email address format. It doesn't check the validity of the address itself.

  3. Phone checks for a valid phone number format. It doesn't check the validity of the phone number itself.

  4. Select is a dropdown of pre-defined options.

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