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Customizing Experiences App to your theme
Customizing Experiences App to your theme

This collection of articles highlights how to introduce your theme customizations to the Experiences App, plus more visual customizations we hope you enjoy.

11 articles
Changing Labels on your experiences booking formChange your experience booking widget's labels to make more sense for the type of experience.
Make sure Experiences still works when you change or upgrade your themeIf you change your Shopify store theme or upgrade an existing theme, it's possible you may need to copy some files over.
How to change the language of your Experiences booking templateNeed a translated version of your Experiences template? Read on.
Include Experiences order data in the initial Shopify new order confirmation emailYou can't turn off the initial Shopify order confirmation but here's how to include your Experiences order information in Shopify's email.
Email Templating Engine GuideHow to customize your experience email templates using our templating engine
Prevent overbooking by editing your cart-template.liquid fileIt's possible to oversell an experience in certain cases. Here's how to fix that.
Customizing your shop's Experience emailsHow to customize the emails generated by your shop on Experiences.
Locate The Experiences App Product Liquid TemplateLocating the Experiences App product template is the first step to customizing how your customers view your experiences.
Adding Product Reviews To An ExperienceStep-by-step guide on how to add Shopify's Product Reviews app to your Experience's product page
Editing the Experiences app product templateYou can edit the Experiences app product template to meet your customization requirements.
Sticky side-column theme customizationIf you'd like your booking widget to scroll with the content on your page, use this theme customization tutorial.