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Customizing Experiences App to your theme
Changing Labels on your experiences booking form
Changing Labels on your experiences booking form

Change your experience booking widget's labels to make more sense for the type of experience.

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When you publish an experience through the Experiences app, Shopify creates a new product that shows up in your storefront's catalog. We also apply a custom liquid template to that product. (learn more)

When you visit that product on your storefront, it will take you to a default Experiences page that looks like this:

As you can see, the booking tool on this page comes with labels like "Location:" "Cost:" and "Duration:" and dropdown labels of "Select Dates" and "How Many People." But perhaps you'd like to change these defaults to better suit your needs, and in this article, we'll show you how to change things to do that for the Top section and the Bottom section.

Top section changes

Navigate to your theme through your store's admin panel.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes

  2. Click Actions > Edit code

In the templates section, find the file product.experiences.liquid. This is the default product page that we add to your store when you download the Experiences app. Here's an article on how to find that file »

To change the information in the top section of the layout simply edit the details you find between roughly between lines 55 and 98 of the theme file. You can comment lines of code out, change the names (e.g. You could change "cost" to "price" or "per person" to "per canoe") or even change the styling. You can always roll back the changes using Shopify's handy versioning tool.

Bottom section changes

The Custom Labels editor can be used to change all of the dynamically generated labels and wording in the Bottom section. You will find this in each experience that you have in the Experiences app.

To make your changes, log into the Experiences app > edit an experience > click on the "Custom Labels" card on the right sidebar.

Advanced changes to the Top section

If you want to make changes to the Top section label under "Cost" that is different for each experience, a bit more coding is required in the liquid template.

You will need to create "if statements" that match the exact title of your experience. For example, if I want to change my "Canoe Adventure" Top section to say $35 per canoe instead of $35 per person, I would include this code in my template just below Line 5 (or somewhere close to that).

{% if product.title == "Canoe Adventure" %}
{%- assign unitLabel = "canoe" -%}
{%endif %}

You can then add a bunch of "else statements" for any other experience you want to apply changes to. For example:

{% if product.title == "Canoe Adventure" %}
{%- assign unitLabel = "canoe" -%}
{% elsif product.title == "Wine and Cheese Time" %}
{%- assign unitLabel = "event" -%}
{% elsif product.title == "Fast Hike to Pikes Peak" %}
{%- assign unitLabel = "group" -%}
{%endif %}

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