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How to use variants to offer more Experience choices to your customers
How to use variants to offer more Experience choices to your customers

This handy guide gives the low-down on how variants work on Experiences App

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Variants are essential for many businesses that offer experiences to their customers. A variant is how we allow you to add variety to the offerings for your events, including segmenting your pricing.

How to get started

On the experience creation/edit form, you'll find variants as part of the Payments section. Here you will choose a Payment type (Prepay, Reservation (pay later or at time of service), or Free). Then, you'll add your first variant.

If you only want one variant but don't like the "default" label, simply click "Add Price Variant" and change the variant name to whatever you'd like. You don't have to add another variant if you don't want to.

You can add as many variants as you want. Each variant will have a unique "Booking title" and price (free events do not have differing prices, but can also have as many variants as you like). You can add and delete variants however you like.

What your customers see

On the storefront, customers see the variant options once they choose a date and time and are choosing a quantity.

Your customers can add variants to an order in whatever variant/quantity combinations they want up to your timeslot quantity limit, or maximum purchase amount per order.

Once the variants are selected, the customer clicks "Confirm" to close the modal.

The next step is either the purchase process through Shopify, or a quick form to complete the free or reservation order.

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