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How to use the Experiences POS app
How to use the Experiences POS app

Check people in and sell new Experiences with our Shopify POS app

Updated over a week ago

One of the most powerful features of the Experiences app is its functionality that you can access from the Shopify POS app. Our app works in both the tablet and phone versions.

You can...
...check pre-pay, reservation (to be paid), and free guests in.
...check-in (and charge if needed) walk-ins.
...see who's already signed up.

Step 1: Download the Shopify POS app

Our app is accessible inside the Shopify POS app. Once you download the Shopify POS app and log in with your store credentials, you can add our app to your home screen. You can also find the Shopify POS app in the app store of your choice for iOS and Android devices.

Step 2: Add the Experiences app to your home screen for easy access

As long as you have already installed the Experiences app in your store, you will see it in the app section of the Shopify POS app. Adding it to the home screen makes accessing it quick and easy.

Step 3: Use the Experiences app to check in or book customers

You can choose to check in existing bookings, create new bookings on the fly, or simply check on upcoming schedules.

Here's a quick video showing how you'd add a new customer to an experience.

  1. Click on the day you want to book for

  2. Look for the experience you want to book

  3. Choose quantities

  4. Add the customer if they don't already exist as a previous Experiences booking

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

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