Create a private experience

If you want to take bookings for a private experience, here's how you can do it.

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The Experiences app doesn't have a "private" setting to keep an experience event private, but you can use Shopify's navigation tools, third-party apps (optional), and Experiences settings to keep it from showing up in your main navigation.

Once you have created your Experience, take the following steps to keep it from being accessible by anyone:

Keep it out of your site navigation

  1. Go to your Shopify admin panel.

  2. Click on "Products" and select the product you want to hide.

  3. If the product is already part of a collection, remove it from that collection.

  4. Under the "Product availability" section, click on "Manage."

  5. Uncheck all sales channels where you don't want the product to appear.

  6. Save your changes.

This will keep the product from appearing in your store's navigation and searches while allowing direct access via its link.

Use a third-party app to password-protect your experiences (optional)

As an alternative and optional step, you can put a product page behind a password using an app from the Shopify marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an App:

    • Go to the Shopify App Store.

    • Search for apps that offer password protection or membership features.

    • Read the reviews and features of each app to find one that suits your needs.

    • Some popular options may include "Locksmith" or "MagicPass Wholesale".

  2. Install the App:

    • Click on the chosen app.

    • Click "Add app" to install it on your Shopify store.

    • Follow the installation prompts.

  3. Configure the App:

    • Once installed, go to your Shopify admin dashboard.

    • Navigate to "Apps" and click on the newly installed app to configure it.

    • Look for the section where you can set up password protection.

    • Follow the app’s instructions to create a password for your product page.

  4. Apply Password Protection:

    • Select the product page you want to protect.

    • Apply the password or access restriction settings as per the app’s configuration options.

    • Some apps allow you to set passwords for individual products, while others may protect entire collections or pages.

  5. Test the Protection:

    • After setting up the password, visit the product page as if you were a customer to ensure the password prompt appears.

    • Test the password to ensure it grants access to the page.

  6. Publish Changes:

    • Once tested, make sure all settings are saved.

    • Some apps might require you to publish changes for them to take effect.

  7. Inform Your Customers (if necessary):

    • If the password is for specific customers, inform them about the password and how they can use it to access the protected product page.

Remember to regularly update the password for security purposes and check the app for any updates or changes in its operation.

If you're using our calendar, use tags to hide the experience(s) that are private

If you're using our calendar to show all your experiences in one place. you can control which experiences appear there by using tags.

  1. Log in to the Shopify admin and navigate to the Products section.

  2. Add a specific tag to the Experienced-controlled products you don't want to display on the calendar. For example, you might use "private". Currently, this cannot be done in the Experiences app.

  3. In the calendar settings where the calendar is embedded, specify the tag or tags (separated by commas) for the experiences you want to show, leaving out the one you don't want to show by not including that tag.

  4. Remember, each Shopify product should have only one tag if you filter by tags in the calendar.

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