If you'd like to embed a list of all your upcoming Experiences organized by date, you can make a small code tweak to your them and paste some code snippet on any page of your site that allows for HTML code to display a neat looking list. When your customer clicks on a given Experience in the list, it will take them to Experience page and pre-populate the date of the item in the list.

Here are the steps to make use of this helpful widget.

Step 1: Paste some code on your page.liquid file in your site theme

Here's how to find your theme's code template.

In your theme file under "templates" look for the file called 'page.liquid' and click on it.
Then paste this code on the top line and hit Save.

<link href="https://widgets.experiencesapp.services/public/eventGallery.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Step 2: Paste a code snippet anywhere on your site that accepts HTML 

After you've completed step 1, you just need to paste a code snippet and swap out "mystorename.myshopify.com" to be your own store. For example, you'd change "mystorename.myshopify.com" to "kites-for-kitties.myshopify.com" if you ran a store that, well, sold kites for kitties.  🐱 

<div data-expapp-gallery="" data-expapp-shop-url="mystorename.myshopify.com"></div>
<script src="https://widgets.experiencesapp.services/public/widgets.js"></script>

You'll notice that it creates a list of all your currently published Experiences by date which your website visitors can sort by Date or Name.

We plan to offer some increase functionality to this tool in the near future to allow you to style it more precisely.

Have fun and we're here if you need us!


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